Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Peace Corps Interview

I just had my phone interview...it was an hour and 40 minutes long! But overall, I feel it went very well and I feel good about getting accepted :) Nick, my recruiter was very nice, helpful, and patient. I liked that he shared some of his personal experience with me as he served in the Philippines. He asked me why I would be good for the Peace Corps..my response, "I want to make something of my life and help people along the way. I have a desire to learn and experience as much of life as possible. I am determined, responsible, patient, caring, and friendly. I can adapt to new surroundings easily and work well with others. I think my Community Health degree will also go to great use and benefit my future career goals". He asked about my future goals/plans, I told him I want to go to grad school for Public Health and I think the Peace Corps would help with that, also that I am interested in nutrition and international organizations, such as WHO and UNICEF. Then he asked me typical interview questions, which were not too difficult to answer and I used examples from my experience in school, my internship,and work. He asked me where I would prefer to go and I said, "The Pacific Islands, Latin America, or Africa". We talked awhile about my ability to learn/speak Spanish. I told him I took Spanish for 3 years in High School and I still remember how to conjugate and the common words/phrases. We talked a lot about living and being accepted in a different culture. I expressed my concern about going to the Middle East and later he asked if I would be comfortable going to a culture where women are seen differently than men? I had a hard time answering that questions because I just don't know. I told him I would be okay staying only with women but I don't know how comfortable I would be if I knew I (being a woman) was not accepted my men. He seemed to agree with me, although, he said he could not relate as he is male. He asked if I would be okay adapting and accepting other culture's customs, such as appearance, religion, and ways of living? I answered yes and gave some examples. He said I could be the first American some people have ever seen, he used the term I would be like a fish in a fish bowl and ask if I be okay with that? I had not thought of that question, what a weird concept...to be the first American somebody has seen! Yes, I would be okay with that, I would also learn from it. We talked about food and if I am open to new/different food. Of course I am! Then he asked could I eat meals with the head of the animal staring at me? I answered, "I will try anything once". We talked about being the only volunteer in a village of about 200 people and the next volunteer being miles away. This is another concern I have but he said that I would have a host family and he has heard from other volunteers that the villages do a good job of looking after Peace Corps volunteers. I asked, "what are my potential opportunities as of right now with my skills and experience?" He said I am qualified and he would be looking to place me as a Health Extension Volunteer. I would be considered for the opening potions in May, meaning I could leave between January and March 2010 but there is the possibility of going between April and June 2010. So next, if he nominates me my file will be sent to Washington D.C. and then I will be sent medical forms, which I would need to visit the doctor and dentist. He said for me to expect to hear back from him the 1st or 2nd week in May! I think that's a good sign! I am excited!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

*Jump On It*

Last night I hung out with Andrea and Yoho and we went to Jump On It. It's a place where you jump and jump and jump, it was a lot of fun!! There are a bunch of trampolines formed together to make one big trampoline. The only problem is there's padding to cover up the springs from the individual trampolines which makes it kind of weird. Andrea and I did baby flips, by landing on our knees first and then flipping. I was sad I didn't have my camera! I loved that there were inspirational quotes up on the walls! There was one from Dwight Schrute from the Office,... "Whenever I'm about to do something, I think, "Would an idiot do that?" And if they would, I do not do that thing."

Friday, March 27, 2009

Important People

Good times! For my graduation last April my Dad, Berna, Amie, and Papa came up from CA to see me graduate! I really appreciated having them there to support me! I love my family very much!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Peace Corps Update

About 2 weeks ago I sent my online application, along with my medical history. Last Friday I received a packet with items to fill out an send back within 10 days. Today I sent everything needed:
2 figure print charts- check
School transcripts- check
Loan notary- check
CPR and First Aid cards- check
Questionnaire- check
and now all 3 of my recommendations have been submitted and are on file!
Next up...an interview.
My mom has been a lot of help with making sure everything is taken care of!

Idaho Falls

I am a little too big to sit on my mom's lap!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Idaho Falls

Over the weekend my mom, Dan and I went up to Idaho Falls to stay with our cousins Dustin, Julie, Brenden, and Isabelle. We went to see Dustin's piece of art in an art show. He does wonderful work and is very talented! Brenden is my buddy and he is the sweetest little boy! Julie is an amazing cook and she made us chicken enchiladas for lunch and sushi and steak for dinner, it was all delicious! Baby Isabelle is the happiest little girl and she loves her big brother! On Sunday we went for a walk around the Falls, it was a little cold but it was nice to walk. As we were nearing the end of our walk it started to rain/hail and we heard thunder. Luckily we had Dan and Dustin walk to get the cars while us girls along with baby and Brenden stood under a big tree trying to not get wet. Brenden enjoyed running around and entertaining his sister. We all had a good time together :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wendover Fun

So last night I went on an unexpected, spontaneous trip to Wendover, NV. It's only 2 hours west of Salt Lake City. I stayed in Montego Bay and boy was the casino very brightly lit...there were sparkles and colors everywhere! I have never seen a casino like that before. The room was nice and big, probably one of the nicer hotel rooms I have stayed in. I love to play the penny slot machines and I usually do pretty well on them. I put $2 in a machine and ended up winning over $16 on a spin, of course I cashed out! Then on another machine I got a bonus and got to go to another level and pick more winnings! I think the best times are when things are unplanned, it's more exciting and fun that way!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Luck of the Irish

For our St. Patrick's Day dinner we went to MacCool's an Irish restaurant. Although we did have to wait awhile to be seated it was well worth it! Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day! Mom and I wanted a black velvet but they did not have that so my mom and Dan got Guinness and I got a cider beer and we tried to make our own, it was tasty! The food we really good and my chicken pot pie was huge!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Eating Raw

I am fascinated with raw food and I wish I could be a total raw foodest but a lot of preparation and money goes into it. I looked online and found a restaurant that only serves raw food so tonight my mom and I went to check it out. Everything on the menu sounded really good but it was pricey so we decided to split something and it was a good idea that we did as the portions were big enough for two. We ordered a mango, chocolate, strawberry smoothie, which was delicious!! For our meal we ordered a combination seaweed salad and falafel bowl. I was a little disappointed because they were both salads. I thought the falafel bowl was just falafels but it was a salad with falafel chips. But both were really good! It's kind of funny though that our first time at a raw food restaurant we just ate salads. Next time I want to try the nut burger or the burrito. We did get dried mango dipped in rich, delicious chocolate for dessert!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Today we got together with our cousins from Idaho. We had lunch at Buca di Beppo and checked out art galleries in Salt Lake. Brenden and Isabelle are so cute and we really enjoy when they are around!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Aunts Adventure

My aunt decided to be brave and adventurous and picked a city at random to visit for a long weekend. She ended up with Milwaukee, WI as her destination. She got this idea after seeing the movie Yes Man and I think it's great of her! She called me this morning saying she loved the city and that she was having a great time. I am happy for her and I can't wait to hear more about her trip and see pictures! I would love to just go somewhere new just for the sake of going!

Trip to Seattle

The week before Christmas Amie and I decided it was time we took a road trip...probably not the smartest time of the year to drive up to Seattle. We left early on a Monday morning and it was raining, then it was snowing until we drove through Bakersfield. We stopped in Sacramento since neither one of us had ever been there. We were impressed with the city and the State Capital. We continued on our way and I was hoping to make it at least to Oregon before night fall but to our surprise we ended up having to stay the night in Weed, Ca because the road was closed 30 miles north due to snow. It was only 5:00pm and I was a little disappointed because I knew I could have kept driving if the conditions were better. Anyways, we watched TV and had snacks for dinner. We woke up early again in the morning and were on our way up the mountain. It took us 2 hours to go 30 miles and we had to stop to put chains on, which I only had one working chain! We arrived at my friends house in Seattle around 7:30pm. The next day we went to down town Seattle and checked out Pike's Place and the very first Starbucks! We really liked the city, I love how it's surrounded by water! The next day it snowed like crazy and we were pretty much snowed in so our adventure for the day was walking 2 miles in the snow to the little library. Luckily the next day the weather was a little better and we got to see more of the city. The next morning we were on our way back home. We stopped in San Francisco (we had never been there either) but it was very cold and raining and we kept getting lost. We walked around Fisherman's Wharf and saw Alcatraz, but I didn't get to see the Golden State Bridge. I would love to go back to Seattle and San Francisco, hopefully in the summer when I know the weather will be better! Overall the trip was long but a lot of fun and I am glad I got to experience it with my sister and I hope we go on another road trip again together!

Friday, March 13, 2009

My Muse

I love taking pictures of sunsets, palm trees and the ocean. I guess I have a little obsession with the beach and islands. I just think being on the coast line is so peaceful and beautiful. When I look at the ocean it's like I am staring at a whole different world full of wonder.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Peace Corps

Tonight I went to an information meeting for the Peace Corps. I will be submitting my application soon and I really hope I get into it! I feel good about it and I think I am qualified and my Community Health degree will go to use. The process takes a year so this time next year I could be packing my bags for a whole new world! I would love to go to one of the Pacific Islands or to a Spanish speaking country...what a great way to be fluent in a foreign language. I could totally go some place where there is no electricity or running water and I think I would be okay with that because we take those things for granted in the U.S. it would bring about a whole new way of living and experience. I am really open to go anywhere.
I believe things in my life have led me to make the decision to apply to the Peace Corps and I am excited about it!

Monday, March 2, 2009


I want to travel, I want to see as much of the world as possible!!! The desire is growing greater inside of me! I just want to go! These are some of the places I want to see...

All of the 50 states(especially the east coast)
New Zealand
The Bahamas
South Africa