Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The End

I've decided to end this blog to begin a new one.

If you followed this blog please continue to follow me over here and see where life takes me next.

Thank you for reading my thoughts and adventures.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


My friend Jillian gave me tasks to do each day of my first week back home. It was actaully a good way to get semi-readjusted and it was fun to have to do something everyday.

It was a good first week home.
Went to Target and bought a new hat an feather earrings

Ate In N Out...delicious! 

Saw The Descendants

Andrea had a welcome home dinner for me and I got to see all the little ones
little Reggie is walking & oh so cute!

Had sushi with Andrea, Yoho, and Reggie 

Best friends since 1991, it's good to be with Andrea again!

Mexican food night!

I splurged and got a new iPhone 4S & I love it!

Sunday afternoon at Little Cottonwood Canyon


It was a beautiful day! 

Video of snowshoeing, it's a little shaky

Friday, February 3, 2012

New Beginnings

The end of my Peace Corps experience marks the end of a huge chapter in my life. It’s not only the end of my journey in Guyana but I feel like it’s the end of my young adult life {my adolescence in a sense}. I came to Peace Corps unsure of who I really was. Unsure of what I really wanted in life. I came to Peace Corps to figure out my life…to find myself. And I have.

Now that it's over and I'm looking back on the whole experience I feel extremely grateful. I had my share of ups and downs and there were times when I questioned if being in Guyana was worth it. But now I can definitely say it was worth it and I would do the whole thing over again if I had to. I met amazing people and I grew. I gained a whole new perspective on life and that is something I’ll be forever grateful for.

Being home has been good but a little weird. And I say weird because I have felt so many different emotions like happy, overwhelmed, scared, excited, sad, loved, lonely, jealous, guilty, and subdued.  I can't help but feel that since I'm home I have to have a plan. I have to jump into something, anything.  I have to be doing something.  When these thoughts/feeling come into my mind I welcome them and feel them but I don't allow them to stick around too long...I just keep telling myself it's okay to feel these things and it's okay to take a little time before jumping into something. I know things will happen when the time is right....

I'm pretty excited for new beginnings and the next chapter in my life.