Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I've been Nominated

I got a call today from my recruiter and I have been nominated for the Peace Corps! He nominated me for a health volunteer position in Eastern Europe leaving in March. I am really excited! I really was not thinking about going to Eastern Europe but I am excited for the possibility of going there. He said it's still competitive and now I am waiting to do my medical/legal clearance. I am also going to start volunteering in a health setting in Utah. I still feel good about everything!

50th Celebration

For my mom's 50th birthday we celebrated in Laughlin, NV! It was nice to have all the family together! I think my mom had a great 50th!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Tunage/Science Experiment

I got to see my friend Johnny play at the Vine in Tempe, AZ. He is so talented and I really enjoyed my night! I bought one of his CD's which I like a lot. He is also a great artist and does comic books. He did one over the summer about Camp Emerald Bay and I am even in it as one of the lifeguards! It was great seeing him perform!

So I am staying in Tempe for a few days at my aunts and uncles. Today I got to help my uncle Jim with an experiment called Stream Line Potential Flow. He is building a swap cooler and we got to play with water, food coloring, and putty! My job was to move the hose back and forth to disperse the water so we could see what way the water moved. It was fun and I enjoyed learning from him!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

On April 14th my mom turns 50! I wish her all the joy and happiness as she celebrates this birthday. She does not seem to be dreading the end of her forties but excited for her life and all that she has yet to embrace.

Here are 50 reasons why I love and I am so grateful for my mom:
1. She is compassionate
2. She is fun
3. She loves Amie and me very much
4. She is supportive
5. She keeps a positive attitude
6. She devoted her life to us for years
7. She is encouraging
8. She is giving
9. She has always made sure our birthdays have been special
10. She loves and enjoys her life
11. She loves animals
12. She loves nature
13. She loves yoga
14. She loves eating healthy
15. She is smart
16. She is beautiful
17. She is funny and lets us laugh at/with her
18. She is easy going
19. She is a great listener
20. She is adventurous
21. She wants us to expereince much of life as possible
22. She did not move us from place to place as kids
23. She made sure we did activities we enjoyed i.e. dance, soccer, karate
24. She has always been there for us
25. She provides for us
26. She is the strongest woman I know
27. She is brave
28. She has improved her life so much
29. She took us to Hawaii and let me go with Andrea when I was 15
30. She let me go to Costa Rica in the 8th grade with my Spanish class
31. She let me go on 3 cruises
32. She would come down to see me in Provo and take me to dinner
33. She let me move to Santa Barbara and then let me move back home 6 weeks later
34. She always went to my dance competitions, soccer games, and softball games
35. She wants to make sure we are happy
36. She has always let us have pets
37. She makes great chicken devan
38. She took us camping as kids
39. She loves her family
40. She let us bring our friends on trips
41. She paid for most of my college
42. She is successful and hard working
43. She is loyal and honest
44. She gave me her lips
45. She has pretty eyes and a great smile
46. She loves to try new/different food
47. She is a great mom, sister, daughter, aunt, and friend
48. She is caring, kind, patient, grateful and loving
49. She re-opened her heart and met Dan (who we all love)
50. She gave me and Amie life
I love you so much mom! Thank you for all that you do for me, I'm truly grateful to have you as my mom! Happy Birthday :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

My Time In Prescott, AZ

My mom and I have spent the last week in Prescott, AZ at my grandma's. We came to look after her 4 cats!! Over the week we saw a lot...we went to Sedona, saw an Alien, went to Jerome, saw Montezuma's castle, went to an Indian Casino (I won a little money!) and went to the Grand Canyon. It was my first time at the Grand Canyon and I was blown away. It was truly incredible! I really liked Sedona as well. The red rocks are beautiful! While we were there we drove up to see a Church, which is built into the rocks with an amazing view. On Wednesday we drove down to Phoenix to pick up Dan from the airport. After we walked around Mill Avenue on the ASU campus, it was neat. For dinner one night we found an Irish Pub which was really cool! I have enjoyed my week in Prescott and look forward to the rest of my adventure traveling over the month!

*Side note: After seeing the Grand Canyon I have something else to add to my Travel Goals. I want to hike/mule the Grand Canyon over night. I also want to see Havasupai.

Friday, April 3, 2009

How Fun

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