Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Great Birthday

The best present was finally getting a job!! I got the job offer yesterday and will be working at Little America Hotel in downtown Salt Lake City as a front desk clerk...checking people in and out. It's a full time job which I am really excited about! The hotel is beautiful and I feel honored to have the opportunity to work there!

I also celebrated my birthday last night with my mom, Dan, Andrea, Dani, and Zach. We went to a Japanese restaurant and had a good time! Thank you everyone, I had a great birthday!!


Over the weekend my mom, Dan, and I went to Moab, UT to celebrate my 23rd birthday! We had a great time and I was just amazed with the scenery. We got there on Friday night and had a wonderful dinner at a restaurant on a hill overlooking Moab valley, we sat outside and watched a beautiful sunset. After dinner we decided to drive to Dead Horse look out and it was incredible, we got there just in time as the sun was almost finished setting. I loved how the river intertwined through the landscape. On Saturday morning Dan and I went for a bike ride, which was fun and a great way to see more of the land. We saw "angry" buffalo and the cemetery. That was just our pre-warm-up for the rest of the day hiking at Arches National Park. I was blown away with Arches...it was simply amazing! We did a few hikes and took lots of pictures. We were pretty beat towards the end of the day but enjoyed eating at Zax and walking around the little downtown. We relaxed in the hot tub as the sun was setting and sat beneath the bright stars. On Sunday we went to Canyonlands which was really neat! We did a lot in the short time we were there and look forward to going back soon to do more! Thank you for every thing mom and Dan...it was a great trip!!

Dead Horse Point



Park Avenue


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Dana!

On Saturday my cousin Dana turns 27!! I hope he has a wonderful birthday! He is a great cousin and I wish him nothing but the best! He was my best friend when I was little...we always played together. I have heard the story over and over of how we loved to dance and sing to the Chip and Dale movie. He use to build us forts and taught us how to dig to China (which Amie and I actually believed was possible). All he ever wanted to do was build us a roller coaster. He loves dirt bikes, fishing, and working on cars. He's also a very hard worker. He has been like a big brother to me and Amie. Thank you for everything Dana! Happy Birthday!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Y

Today Zach and I hiked the Y! We started around 8:45am and were back down at 10:00. It was nice out and the hike was not bad...although, I was a little out of breath. The view was beautiful, it was clear and sunny out! I just love the lake and how the valley is surrounded by the mountains. It was a good workout and I am glad we did it together :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dad's birthday! We had a great time at Disneyland celebrating and I hope he has a wonderful day! I love him so much and I am grateful to have him as my dad! When I think about my dad a few things come to mind first...he LOVES the Dallas Cowboys and I love how he gets so excited when they play but especially when they win! He is a people person and so funny, he always makes me laugh. He is hard working both in his job and around the house. He also loves to be on the water riding his seadoo and going to Laughlin. Him and Berna have been taking Amie and me, along with our friends to the lake/river every summer for years and it's always been a blast!
He has been a great dad to us girls! I remember the day Amie was born he took me to the store to pick out a doll so I could have my own baby and that night he let me sleep with him in his bed. He use to play cards with me (old maid and go fish). On the weekends he would take us to the park and we would play football. He took us camping and to the beach a lot. He always made us breakfast, packed our lunches, and drove us to school (thanks for that dad!). Over the weekends he would let our friends spend the night and our cousins were always over. We always have fun together!
He is a great man and loves his family very much! Thank you for everything dad, I love you so much! Happy Birthday!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


I finally got to go to Disneyland...I have been wanting to go for years. We went in celebration of my dad's and mine birthdays (both in May). It was fun but the day went by too fast! I really liked the new Buzz Lightyear ride. But my favorites are Pirates, Indiana Jones, and Space Mountain! Dad loved Indiana Jones, we went on it twice and he got to drive! And Berna just kept laughing and screaming on Space Mountain. Thank you dad and Berna! I had fun with Amie and Seann and I am glad they got to go too!
It was really nice in the morning, not too crowded but as the day went on it got more crowded. Around 9:00pm it started to rain a little and we weren't sure if the fireworks were going to happen so we decided to head out. When we got to the parking structure the fireworks started so we got to see them. It was nice to be with the family I think we all had a good time! What made the day ever better was that Kobe Bryant was there and I walked right by him. I got a picture of him from behind with his daughter on his shoulders.