Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Miss my Friends

I miss my friends. I know time and distance change things between people and we have grown apart but I miss the times we shared together. I was looking at some old pictures and it brought back memories. I have always had a small group of close/good friends but now I am feeling like I don't have that anymore, I guess that comes with growing up. I have to admit I have a hard time letting go of the past. We had some really fun times together and I will never forget them.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Blue October

Is that seat taken
Would you like to take a walk with me

My mind it kind of goes fast
I try to slow it down for you
I think I'd love to take a drive
I want to give you something
I've been wanting to give to you for years
My heart

My heart, my pain won't cover up
You left me.. hu hu hu hu
My heart won't take this cover up
You left me.. hu hu hu hu

I came to see the light in my best friend
You seemed as happy as you'd ever been
My chance of being open was broken
And now you're Mrs. him.

My words they don't come out right
But I'll try to say I'm happy for you
I think I'm going to take that drive
I want to give you something
I've been wanting to give to you for years
My heart

My heart, my pain won't cover up
You left me.. hu hu hu hu
My heart
My heart won't take this cover up
You left me.. hu hu hu hu

And I can't change this
I can never take it back
But now I can't change your mind
(You left me)
And I can't take this
I can never take this back
But now I can't change your mind
can't change your mind
(You left me)
Can't change your mind
You left me.. hu hu hu hu

Go away
Make it go away

**A sad but good song.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rainbows and Lakers

It has been over cast and rainy for 2 weeks now!!! And there has been road construction every where. I am getting a little sick of it.
Amie, Seann, my friend Jesse and I went to the Sky Box to watch the game on Thursday and thanks to Amie I finally got my Lakers T-shirt! Once we got on the freeway to go the Sky Box we were in dead stop traffic and we were missing the game. But it was really cool there were two rainbows, one over the other, just to the left of us. Once there was a break we were able to get off the freeway and were even closer to the rainbow, none of use had ever seen a rainbow so close...it must have been lucky as the Lakers won!
I love watching the game at the Sky Box because they have a movie size screen to watch it on. We got appetizers and drinks and had a really fun time, afterward we played some video games!
I always have fun with Amie and Seann and it was good to see Jesse!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Being A Kid

Sometimes I love doing things that kids enjoy...it makes me feel like a kid again! On Sunday I went to the Living Plant Aquarium it was pretty neat, but a little too small. They had 3 separate sections: Life in Utah, Ocean Life and the Amazon. There were some ugly looking fish found in the lakes in Utah. I loved the Ocean Life and Amazon, there was an octopus that was weird looking, it looked like a camel head. I loved the bright colored fish and the huge shark tank. There were some crazy frogs, spiders, fish, eels, and snakes.
Weird underwater toads that look like bats.


Under The Sea

Amie and Seann are here visiting and we went to Jump On It and had a lot of fun!
Seann was jumping like crazy and doing some good flips.

And Amie and I looked funny (well, mostly Amie)! We had a good time!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Sunday is my grandma Sonia's birthday! I hope she has a wonderful day! She is a very talented and smart lady. She enjoys being around her family and it is always nice when we are together. She loves working on the family genealogy, studying the Secret, nursing, angels, and spending time with her cats. She has accomplished a lot in her life and we are truly grateful for her. She use to live in Hawaii (I think I get my love for Hawaii from her) and I was fortunate enough to visit her a few times when I was younger. I remember one time she let Amie and me put on her makeup and she taught us the importance of wearing lip stick! On another visit, every night she would braid my hair. She is our family coordinator and we have shared some great family memories! It was nice spending time with her in April and hope to see her soon!
Happy birthday grandma love you lots!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I love the Twilight Saga! When it was the craze awhile ago I thought "A girl falling in love with a vampire, that sounds stupid" and when the movie came out I had no desire to see it. But while I was visiting in AZ, my aunt and I watched it and I was hocked! I saw the movie twice within one week and then decided I had to buy the books. I fell in love with it and the characters. However, I think after reading the book you get a much better sense for Edward and Bella's relationship and how much they love each other. I just finished New Moon and can't wait to continue reading! Also, the movie trailer for New Moon looks amazing! It's weird...I have never been obsessed with something like I am with Twilight.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Where Does the Time Go?

Time flies by...the year is half way over! I can't believe I graduated from college over a year ago and have been out of high school for 5 years...Crazy! Someone asked me the other day how old I was and when I responded "23" it shocked me. It seems like yesterday I was celebrating my 21st birthday. Although I am grateful for everything I have experienced so far I want time to slow down a little!
I am happy it's warm outside and that summer is so close! I want to do a lot of outdoors stuff this summer and the lake is calling my name!